Angelica is a progressive, passionate community advocate who was born and raised in Chicago's Humboldt Park neighborhood. As the daughter of Mexican immigrants and proud union workers, Angelica learned at a young age the importance of family and the value of a great education. She understands the need for excellent neighborhood schools and good-paying neighborhood jobs. As a community advocate, Angelica has mentored hundreds of local students to get on the path to and through college.

Angelica’s agenda puts families first for a change. She supports universal background checks for every gun purchase and will work to prevent illegal guns from getting on our streets. She will work to fix Illinois’ public education funding system so local schools get the support they need. As the first in her family to graduate from college, Angelica will fight to make college more affordable for neighborhood families. And she will fight to reform taxes to reduce income inequality and make the wealthiest in Illinois pay their fair share.

Angelica is going to take her commitment to stronger neighborhood schools, safer streets, and a better future for our children to the State Senate—where she’ll fight for all of us. Angelica isn’t a career politician, she’s not beholden to any political boss, and she’s not part of the broken political machine. Es una amiga de la comunidad. With us, for us, one of us.


Education. If every child in this state had access to a great school in their neighborhood, Illinois would be unstoppable. I am the first in my family to graduate from college and, for the past eight years, I have counseled hundreds of first-generation students in getting into college and staying in college. Through the experience of working in the CPS system, I have learned that we need to hold all schools accountable on behalf of our students – whether they are neighborhood, selective enrollment, magnet, or charter. Accountability should also extend to our CPS leadership. I believe our community should have a greater voice in choosing the direction of our schools through an elected school board with members who are directly accountable to their neighborhoods.

We desperately need an overhaul of our broken public school funding system, the most inequitable in the country. Students who need the most resources get the least. Public schools must be properly funded to ensure that teachers and principals are able to provide the highest quality of learning to students. I also believe that we need to stop pitting public school types against one another and instead focus on making sure the state provides its fair share of funding to all public schools.

A strong education system means a strong work force. I support expanding opportunities for high school students to earn career certifications that meet the workforce needs of Illinois businesses.

Safer Streets. It all comes back to education: we need to provide every child with a great school that prepares them for a successful future. This is the #1 violence prevention tactic and way to end the school-to-prison pipeline. I also support universal background checks for every single gun purchase and strict laws against straw purchasers who buy guns and then sell them illegally on the street. We need these laws to prevent criminals from getting their hands on guns because there is no excuse for the violence on Chicago's streets and the danger it presents to children in our community.

Tax Reform. Illinois has one of the most regressive tax systems in the country, which is hurting low-income and middle-class families the most. I do not support additional increases in sales or property taxes, but instead support a progressive income tax that treats low and middle income residents more fairly and makes wealthier residents pay more of their fair share.  The Illinois tax system places an unfair burden on the middle class while the rich get richer. I'm going to fight to reform taxes to reduce income inequality and make the wealthiest in Illinois pay their fair share.

Pensions. CPS is the only school district in the state that pays for its own teacher pensions. In every other school district, the state covers those costs. At the same time, Chicago taxpayers also pay into the state’s teacher pension system – so they pay two times for teacher pensions while the rest of the state pays one time. This is fundamentally unfair to Chicago students – who have $600 million drained from classrooms every year to pay pensions – and to Chicago taxpayers who are on the hook to pay for other school districts’ teacher pension costs as well as our own.

Reproductive Rights. Abortions should be safe, legal, and rare. A woman should never be put in a situation where she is making that decision based on finances.

Equality. I’m thrilled that same sex marriage is the law of the land across the country. I also believe in expanding services at organizations that serve at-risk LGBT youth so they have access to supports to help them with everything from mental health services to providing safe spaces they may need. Every person must be afforded the same civil rights and treated with respect and dignity as any other.

Healthcare. Access to high-quality, affordable healthcare is a fundamental right for everyone in Illinois.

Environment. We only have one planet and it’s up to us to take care of it. I support increased opportunities for mass transit, protecting open spaces, incentivizing recycling, and saying no to fracking.

Working Families. No one who works full-time should be forced to live in poverty. I support a statewide raise in the minimum wage to support working families. I feel strongly that State government should do more to help parents pursue a career by having stable and adequate child care assistance and early childhood education opportunities.

Immigration. The federal government’s inaction on immigration reform and a pathway to citizenship has forced people into the shadows and divided families. As the daughter of Mexican American immigrants, I understand the frustration and challenges facing the immigrant community. I will do everything possible at the state-level to provide stability for documented and undocumented immigrants, including providing access to college scholarships to undocumented students and cutting the red tape in getting drivers’ licenses.

Homelessness. For far too many individuals, seniors and families, homelessness is a reality. Having a safe, warm and dry place to call your home is the foundation to one’s overall wellbeing. We must do all we can to support those who are struggling with mental health issues and often end up on the streets. We must protect safety nets that allow seniors to stay in their homes. And we must aid families struggling to make ends meet by providing affordable access to day care and health care.