Fighting for us because she is one of us

Dear Friends,

Our campaign for change in the 2nd Senate District came up just a little short. I offer my congratulations to Omar Aquino, and I hope he will fight for the issues we raised during this campaign.

While I’m disappointed in our result, I’m so proud of the campaign we built. All of us, working together for a common cause, banded together for progressive change.

I want to thank each and every one of you for your help in getting us this far.  From the early days of collecting signatures to get on the ballot to the countless hours of knocking on doors and connecting with voters, our campaign has been people-powered from the beginning. 

Over 19,000 members from our community voted for change. I’m not done fighting for my community, and I hope you’re not done either.




The greatest strength of a campaign is its volunteers. Team Angelica is a group of dedicated volunteers who include not only family and close friends, but community residents, parents, and students she has inspired through her work. Sign up to volunteer today - make calls, go door to door, engage your family and neighbors, or simply put up a lawn sign to show that you're a member of Team Angelica.



The daughter of Mexican immigrants and proud union workers, Angelica is an equally proud product of her Humboldt Park neighborhood. Her greatest passion is expanding access to high-quality school opportunities for all children and she's running for State Senate to be the change Springfield needs to make a difference in each of their lives.